Nupos Solutions | Bars and Hotels
Nupos Solutions provides high quality, innovative point of sale systems for restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, fresh food stores, liquor stores and retail applications.
Point of Sale Solutions,
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POS Solutions for bars and hotels.

Nupos Solutions point of sale is fast, effective and reliable. 

Our solution brings comprehensive management control in all aspects of your venue. This includes full stock control with liquor monitoring, cash management, membership/loyalty, staff management & security. These help to manage and improve your bottom line. It can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. You know exactly what your inventory is on hand – up until the last sale with the real time processing of sales transactions.

The total system can be centrally managed from one host PC using the back office software. While the POS terminals will run standalone with no central point of failure, some advanced features which draw information from the host PC can be utilised with all the benefits of an on-line POS system. These include integration with Poker Machines, Loyalty Systems, Security Cameras and Property Management Systems (PMS) that are provided with our suite of products.

We have tools available to you such as:

  • Door entry terminals for members & guest
  • Link to gaming systems
  • Web store
  • Raffle tickets
  • Mobile phone vouchers
  • Dash boards web reports
  • Advanced register functionality
  • Stock control
  • Cash control
  • Staff control
  • Promoter management
  • Digital security system interface
  • Quick and inexpensive member communication options (including SMS and email)


Listed below are some of the key features of our POS systems.

Latest iPad terminals

Table Management

web reports

web/phone ordering

eftpos integration




Digital Menu Boards

coffee order screen

MYOB Interface

Hand Held Ordering


Real Time Stock Control

SQL Database Management

Customisable Interface

Timekeeping Features

Advertising Display